Eventbrite - Panic at the Ballpark

Wanna Play?

What you need to know


The ballpark was once a destination where the entire family could take in a safe and enjoyable game of baseball.  In October, PeoplesBank Park takes on a terrifying new dimension.  In this game, nobody is safe.  Leave the kids at home.  This is no place for the faint of heart.  Looking for a fall fest?  Not it.  This... is... Panic at the Ballpark..


What is Panic?

An immersive terror attraction inside PeoplesBank Park featuring multiple tours and scenes, all for one all-inclusive price. This is the only professional baseball stadium within 100 miles of downtown York that will be twisted for your terror this fall.


What is the cost?

$14 Special Discount: Bring a group of 12 or more

Ask about hosting your Halloween party in a VIP catered suite!  Cash bar available!


Where is it?

PeoplesBank Park, 5 Brooks Robinson Way,

in downtown York, PA


When is it?

Nights: *Most Fridays & Saturdays in October

Time: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

*Closed Saturday 10/1.  Friday 10/7 is by invite only


Who should come?

Generally ages 12 & up.  If you have pre-existing health concerns or heart conditions, this event could be the end of you. It’s probably best not to take that chance.


How long is it?

Panic at the Ballpark opens at 7:00 p.m. For maximum Panic at your pace, arrive before 9:00 p.m.  Last entry is at 9:30 p.m.


Is my ticket good for any night?


What if it rains?

There are no rain delays in this game. Come see what water does to these tormented players.


Is Panic at the Ballpark wheelchair accessible?

Yes - individuals who require wheelchair access will be accommodated with an alternate elevator equipped route.  All attractions will be accessible.


Will I starve?

Starvation is a method of torture you will not endure. A full range of concessions and portable stands will serve paying customers and catering menus are available for group outings.  Warning: Do not feed the famished children inside the park.  It makes them more dangerous.


Is there beer?

Yes - domestic, craft and import. We ID every customer, regardless of age.


How large are the mis-guided tours?

Groups of approximately twelve will travel together through the attractions. Stay close.


Larger groups will be broken down into smaller pods.  They will have the opportunity to regroup periodically.


Where do I park/drop-off?

Drop off area is in the back parking lot of the ballpark, accessible off of Queen Street, or Park for free within a 4-minute walk to the front gates.  Areas will be staffed by parking attendants.  Parking is also available throughout downtown York.

Handicapped-accessible parking is available with proper state-issued  permit at the Brooks Robinson parking lot in front of the ballpark.